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  Dating back to the 19 th century, pre-fabricated homes have been an emerging field of construction, with various companies providing ‘Build-it-yourself’ housing kits to people in the world. The concept of modular, pre-fabricated homes is expected to grow significantly in India, owing to its many benefits in the construction industry. As opposed to the conventional mindset of people, pre-fabricated homes are not restricted to two-room, compact and cliché spaces. They can cover thousands of square feet area, with a variety of customizable options and designs available as per the client’s requirements. A wide array of positive factors like affordability, lesser construction time, efficiency, and portability, make pre-engineered homes an enticing option in today’s fast-growing housing market.  Let’s ponder upon the construction process, advantages, and disadvantages of pre-engineered homes.  CONSTRUCTION PROCESS Pre-engineered homes are built off-site, in the controlled environment of a
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At Atelier ARBO we are currently developing designs for 1,000 Square feet A-Frame homes at Lonavala, Maharashtra

  At Atelier ARBO, we pride ourselves as a boutique architectural design firm from Mumbai with innovative concepts with sustainable design materials. Currently, the team is delving a small resort close to Pavna Lake closer to Lonavala, Maharashtra into the development of 6 unique 1,000 square feet A-Frame homes with breathtaking views of the hills next to it. Here we are sharing an exclusive insight into the creative process, design features, and sustainable practices with which we are trying to design and crafting these modern A-Frame homes.   Join us as we explore the fusion of simple form, design and environmental consciousness in the creation of these exceptional living spaces. 1. The Concept of A-Frame Homes A frame homes have been constructed for a while and are now becoming very common in Mumbai. Quite a good amount of them can be seen being constructed or existing in and around Mumbai outskirts. The Shape and the form of these homes makes them very convenient for constru

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